Our Craft

Our products are a result of the highest quality materials in the hands of skilled artisans. See for yourself the Neapolitan Art of Glove Making, a playful introduction to the art of glove making.

The Process

Our gloves are hand cut from the finest leathers and are finished to the highest standards of quality. Our process begins with the materials, we use the highest quality full grain leathers dyed by immersion and cut by hand for a precise fit. From sewing to finishing, every step is performed by hand by a master artisan. The end result is a quality glove that will last a lifetime.

Leather selection

High quality leather is at the core of our gloves, which is why we pay close attention to the dying process. We use natural colors to dye our leather and use natural light to distinguish between color shades.


Shaping the hide

Before the glove can be cut the Lambskin is first stretched. Our artisans stretch each hide by hand, vertical rather than horizontal, in order to achieve a perfect fit later on.


Cut by hand

After the leather has been dyed and stretched, it is time to cut the pieces that will ultimately form the glove. Our gloves are cut by hand to create a perfect finish and an accurate fit.


Sewing the pieces

After the leather has been cut, the pieces are carefully sewn together by hand and non-electric Singer sewing machines from the early 1900′s. The artisan uses a fine thread to stitch the pieces creating a seamless join.


Lining the gloves

The gloves then go on to be lined with the finest Italian silk or cashmere. First the lining is inserted into the glove and then the glove is stitched at the cuff, creating a lasting bond.


Final shaping

At the very end of the process, the gloves are put on hot broilers that look like metal hands. Then each glove is placed between two slabs of marble for several hours in order to give the glove its final shape. Finally, the gloves are checked and approved by the master artisan.