Our Heritage

The great Neapolitan glove making tradition began in 1737 with the arrival of the master Viennese  glover, Luigi Balastron in Napoli. Since then Neapolitan artisans have mastered the art of glove making and the Neapolitan glove has become synonymous with impeccable quality and beauty. This ancient tradition lives on today in small family owned ateliers like ours, where each pair is handcrafted using only the highest quality materials. Just like the craft a pair of Neapolitan gloves can be passed down the generations.    

The Squillace Family

Gennaro Squillace, following in the footsteps of his father, opened his very own artilleria in 1923. Using the highest quality leather and master neapolitan artisans, the Squillace name in Napoli quickly came to signify quality craftsmanship in the world of glove making. For generations the art of glove making has remained in the family, being passed down from father to son. To this day our artisans use the same 25 step process, once employed by Gennaro Squillace almost 100 years ago, to craft the highest quality leather gloves.

Land of the Artisans

On the footsteps of Vesuvius sits Napoli, an artistic and appetising city with an impeccable legacy of craftsmanship. The streets of Napoli are filled with small artisanal workshops famous for their handicrafts. Neapolitan artisans are proud of doing things the old way; high quality materials molded using age old craftsmanship techniques. It is Napoli, the volcanically dramatic city that we call home.